iwibdus Annual General Meeting

The iwibdus Annual General Meeting

will be held on 29th March 2022

Please mark your calendars. You will get a final invite in an email and the papers for you to read.

We will be voting on important matters such as approving the finances for 2021 and voting for 3 new Board members

Voting for the 3 new Board members for the iwibus verein

Why: Under our statutes, the Board members remain in post for 3 years unless they resign their position. The Board must consist of a minimum of 6 members  and a maximum of 8 members. 

With one expected resignation at the AGM, we have 5 sitting board members who are 2 years into their term. We are looking for 3 new board members to fill the vacancies.

How: The current Board has asked for nominations and posted the details of the nominees behind the members only area of the website www.iwibdus.com , the board offer the members the chance to ask questions of the candidates on 22.03.22 at 20:00

At the AGM: 

  • We ask for any more candidates to come forward tonight. This is part of our statutes. The candidates must be members of iwibdus. 
  • All the candidates introduce themselves and may give a 2 minute presentation on why they want to be part of the Board

The membership then vote using the poll facility in zoom. This is anonymous. Each member can vote for up to 3 candidates. The results are immediately available and final. The top 3 candidates will become Board members for the next 3 year term.

See you there!

The Board


Mar 29 2022


8:00 pm - 9:00 pm