German Business Conversations

In cooperation with the SKEI Center for Language, Creativity and Emotional Intelligence will be offering the women’s course “Job-related conversation German B1 / B2” from January.

This german language course is aimed at helping you get a job in Germany and speaking german in the workplace. If you have b1-b2 german skills and want to improve, this course is for you!

Remember – the course is €100 for non members and FREE for members. 

Your membership fee is €100 per year so if you sign up to become a member, you get these lessons free plus all the workshops, mentoring and lots more! Join today

The aim of the course is to reduce the linguistic barriers of the participants, to increase and further develop communicative as well as creative and social skills in accordance with personal and professional goals.

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Join specialist language tutor Evgenia Golandskaya from SKEI Center for this workshop series. In support of participants own personal and professional goals, the aim of this German language course will be to:
  • support you in obtaining a job in Germany
  • improve your confidence in speaking German in the workplace (by reducing the German language barriers)
  • as well as increasing and further developing communication, creative and social skills

If you have B1-B2 German skills and want to further improve these, this is the course for you!




Jan 28 2022


12:00 pm - 1:30 pm



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