Let’s Work: Improve Your LinkedIn Profile in 6 Easy Steps

Improve Your LinkedIn Profile in 6 Easy Steps

In this interactive workshop you will be asked to work with a partner on improving your Linkedin profile in 6 easy steps. We will discuss what employers and connections are looking for and how you can get your profile to the top of the search algorithm.

You will need to come prepared to interact and support fellow members as we take action and improve your profile live in the 2 hour session.


Speaker: Katy Kennedy, Executive Coach

Hello, I am Katy Kennedy. I am originally from the UK and now live in Dusseldorf. We moved to Germany for my husband’s job in 2015.

My personal journey is probably similar to yours. I am a working mum who has to do everything! 

I worked in various Operational roles in the UK and when I moved to Dusseldorf, I found that being a stay at home mum was not for me! I wanted to use my experiences so I now support other people who are going through the same struggles. I use my love of talking to people about their aspirations, their life dreams and their career goals. That’s how I became a Career Coach. 

When I arrived in Dusseldorf I didn’t know anyone therefore I started the International Women in Business Dusseldorf e.V. I wanted to experience working in a foreign country and discovered that other like-minded women were looking for support and a network to help make that happen! www.iwibdus.com

If you want to know more about me:


Let’s Work – Workshops. These events are workshops so that means you are there to participate in activities and share your thoughts.  The speaker should give you knowledge and then you get to put it into practice live! Come prepared to speak and ask questions. Please keep your cameras on as the speakers like to know if they are keeping you engaged. 


These are women only events. If you identify as a man we will politely ask you not to attend but we can connect you with our speakers if you have specific questions. 


Please be on time. At 5 minutes past the start time we will close the room to new arrivals. This is so the work can begin! 

These events are free to members and € 10 to non members.


May 06 2021


10:00 am - 12:00 pm

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