Let’s Work: Workshop Transferable Skills

Let’s Work: Workshop Transferable Skills

Our lives are ever more changing and uncertain – regardless of if we’re happily employed, unhappily employed, looking for a new challenge or re-evaluating our purpose. What we can use to propel us on our journey, wherever it leads, are the skills we amass along the way – our transferable skills. But what are those exactly? How to make sense of them, and convince others? And how to apply them to move forward towards your goal?

The Transferable Skills – Discover and Apply free online workshop will address two main topics:

  • How to identify transferable skills already in your arsenal more deeply and concretely – including some you did not know you had
  • How to use them to your best advantage for your particular situation and work status


Let’s get you started on rediscovering your strengths and exploring your toolbox to its full stretched size!


Desislava Staykova-Learn is an interdisciplinary coach, marketeer, change agent and artist. Her professional experience across both creative and business industries has led her to living in 4 different countries and working with 25+ nationalities (speaking 5 languages also helps)

Staykova-Learn uses her own transferable skills and wide-range toolbox to find innovative solutions to business challenges and support coaching clients with insights and methodologies from various fields. She is especially interested in how we can use both externally driven and internally-driven changes as a tool for growth and how we can evolve without losing our identity.










Mar 10 2021


7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

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