What Drives You? Find out your core values in this 90 minute workshop.


In this 90 minute live interactive workshop you’ll learn about core values.

We’ll dive deep and find the anwers to questions like:

* What are core values and how do they interact with your different areas of life?

* How to find out your core values?

* Why core values act as your natural intristic drivers or also called motivators?

* What is motivation?


Andrea will guide you through this insightful topic and you’ll be able to interact with others.

* You”ll be able to connect the dots considering the choices you made till now

* You’ll become more conscious about your next steps making decisions.

This workshop is provided by Andrea Fazekas, a member of iwibdus. She is hosting this event and as part of her membership, she has advertising on our website.

We hope you enjoy! iwibdus Events Team


Feb 15 2023


10:00 am - 1:00 pm

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