Let’s Be Strategic: Webinar How to set up a business in Germany

Lets Be Strategic: Webinar How to set up a business in Germany

Whilst some of us might think tax and law is a tough and boring subject, I always like to point out that it is merely life looked at through a different lense. And as reknown German poet (Friedrich Rückert) once put it:

“Your eye can make the world dark or light, how you look at it will make it cry or laugh.”

Now, I am not saying, that tax and law are jolly subjects but I like to think that with my experience, I can help my clients feel at ease and add to their contentedness around there business and private tax and legal matters.

The webinar will point out the trains of though you have to follow to set up and run your business in Germany from a tax and legal perspective and will put you in the position to ask the right questions, get in touch with the right points of support and comply with rules and regulations.


Victoria Willcox-Heidner

Rechtsanwältin + Steuerberaterin + Fachberaterin für internationales Steuerrecht

Lawyer + Tax Advisor + Specialist Consultant in international taxation





Mar 19 2021


10:30 am - 11:30 am

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