Let’s Talk: Safe Talk

Safe Talk – Friday 3rd Dec 12:30

The purpose of Safe Talks are to share and be heard in a safe environment. These sessions are designed to offer a safe space for members to talk to coaches and mentors about their struggles and experiences during this process of reinventing themselves in Germany. These will be member only sessions and can be a place where vulnerability can lead you to daring greatly!

These will all be free to members only.

At a recent event, the chairwoman of the European Women on Boards said: “Women are much more ambitious than men… they want it all! The question isn’t the guilt and the struggle. The question is how do I live with it?
  • We have safe talks so you can feel supported to live with it! 
  • This lunchtime session is flexible and can be adapted based on current issues within the group
  • Our starter question is: what didn’t you achieve in 2021 and what were the blockers? Can we give ideas to help remove the blockers?


Dec 03 2021


12:30 pm - 1:30 pm